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High-end 1500/3000W 72V45AH Long Range Electric Motorcycle

  • Model No/name
  • Dimension (L*W*H) mm 
  • Motor 
3000W PMSM mid-drive motor
  • Battery
72V45AH Lithium battery
  • Charging time
  • Brake front / rear 
  • Tyres 
100/80 120/80 16"
  • Max speed 
  • Mileage
  • weight
  • package dimension
  • Container loading quantities 
48pcs for one 40"H container 
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  • SY-T500

  • SYEV

  • 8711600010

Product Specifications:

Model No.


Dimension (L*W*H) mm 



3000W PMSM mid-drive motor


72V 45AH Lithium battery

Charging time


Brake front / rear 



100/80 120/80 16"

Max speed 





167KG(with battery)

package dimension


Container loading quantities 

48pcs for one 40"H container 

Details Information:

Electric motorcycle

Electric motorcycle

Electric motorcycle

Electric motorcycle

Electric motorcycle

  • Full LED and class C lights

Electric motorcycle

  • EU Standard

  • E-mark certificate

  • Service life 15000hours

  • The function of taking you home,delay 15s to turn off

  • High brightness,long range,improve safety for night driving

Electric motorcycle

  • LED display:16'' large screen

  • Driving speed 80km/h

  • 485 communication system provide accurate power display

  • Display the driving mileage,accumulative mileage in real time

Electric motorcycle

  • Smart key

  • One-click smart function 

  • 80m remote control distance

  • 5m close unlocking

  • Easy and convenient

Electric motorcycle

  • High speed 3000W central motor

  • IP class IP65

  • Peak torque 35N.m

  • Max efficiency >85%

  • Maintenance cycle 20000Km

  • Belt drive,transmission ratio 1:4

Electric motorcycle

  • The best reputation Lingbo controller

  • 18tube Lingbo controller

  • 485 communication system

  • Super silent

  • Stable and powerful

  • Current limit:55A-70A

Electric motorcycle

  • CBS braking system

  • Superior braking performance

  • Front and rear linkage brake to prevent side-slip

Electric motorcycle

  • Stronger frame

  • Elegant in design,sturdy and durable

  • Excellent bending and compression resistance

  • Steel pipe thickness 30% higher than industry average

Electric motorcycle

  • Intelligent BMS system

  • Removable and charging

  • Fast charging 4.5h

  • Powerful capacity battery 

Electric motorcycle

  • Reasonable design and perfect fit

Electric motorcycle

  • Patent design

  • Excellent quality

  • Seamless connection

Electric motorcycle

  • Oversize storage space

  • Vehicle capacity 25L+

  • Storage helmets 2 pieces

  • Led auxillary power supply

  • USB charging port

Electric motorcycle

  • Handrail with rubber,anti-slip,comfortable,more humanized

Electric motorcycle

  • Exquisite appearance,intimate design,double hook

Electric motorcycle

  • Side stand power-off function

  • Main stand sturdy and durable

  • High safety factor

Descriptions of High-end 1500/3000W 72V45AH Electric Motorcycle

This Model is our best Sale product. 

The main specification is 1500/ 3000W central motor with 72V32ah lead acid battery or 72V45ah Lithum battery. Speed: 60-80km/h ( 2 speed) or 40-45km/h.

We use CBS braking system instead of traditional disc/drum braking system,it provides superior braking performance.And max efficiency of the 3000W central motor could be greater than or equal to 85%.

Features of Long Range Electric Motorcycle

1.This high-speed electric motorcycle has EU standards and EEC certificate. The headlight has a service life of 15,000 hours. It has a 15-second delay shutdown function. It has high brightness and long range to improve night driving safety.

2.This is a SYEV 100% electric motoecycle with portable 72V45AH ATL lithium batteries which is very suitable for adults'daily commuting and long distance travel.Its top speed can reach 80km/h.

3.It has one-button smart function, 80m remote control distance, 5m short distance unlocking,easy and convenient.

4.High Speed 3Kw Central Motor,IP Class IP65,Max Efficiency ≥85%,Peak Torque 35N·m,Maintenance Cycle 20000Km,Belt Drive,Transmission Ratio1:4,High quality electric motorcycle.

5..The Best Reputation Lingbo Controlle,18Tube Lingbo Controller,Super Silent,Stable And Powerfu,lCurrent Limit:55A-70A,it has 485Communication System.

6.CBS Braking System,Superior Braking Performance,Front And Rear Linkage Brake To Prevent Side-slip,Steel Pipe Thickness 30% Higher Than Industry Average,high Safety Factor.

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