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1500/3000W 72V45AH Long Mileage High-end Electric Motorcycle

  • Model No/name
  • Dimension (L*W*H) mm 
  • Motor 
1500W/3000W Cental motor
  • Battery
72V45AH Lithium battery
  • Charging time
  • Brake front / rear 
  • Tyres 
100/80 120/80 16"
  • Max speed 
  • Mileage
  • weight
  • package dimension
  • Container loading quantities 
48pcs for one 40"H container 
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  • SY-T500

  • SYEV

  • 8711600010

Product Specifications:

Model No. SY-T500(EEC)


Motor 1500W Central Motor
Battery 72V45AH Lithium Battery
Charging Time


Brake CBS
Tyres 100/80-120/80-16
45Km/h 80Km/h
Range 150Km 85Km
Weight 112kg/137kg
Package Dimension
Container Loading Quantities 48pcs for one 40''H container

Details Information:

Electric motorcycle

  • Full LED and class C lights

Electric motorcycle

  • Smart Key

  • One-click smart function

  • 80m remote control distance

  • 5m close unlocking

  • Easy and convenient

Electric motorcycle

  • Oversize storage space

  • Vehicle capacity 25L+

  • Storage Helmets 2 pieces

  • Led auxiliary power supply

  • USB charging port

This Electric motorcycle is called T500 and T500s(Second Generation) , which are the patent design models of Wuxi Shenyun Technology Development CO.,Ltd. It is powerful with 1500/ 3000W central motor and has a long mileage with 72V45ah Lithum battery which are also the most high-end and high performance models in our factory.

The specifications are as following.

1 72V45AH---ATL Ternary Lithium Battery, of which the detection range is 170KM at 45KM/H ,110KM at 60KM/H and 85KM at 80KM/H.

2 72V 18 tube Lingbo plug controller, of which the current is limited from 55A to 70A, with max speed 60KM/H in 55A and 80KM/H in 70A.

3 Xingwei central motor, its magnetic steel height is 80, hall sensor, using belt driven with the transmission rato 1:4 .

4 CBS Brake System, which achieving front and rear brake linkage with the three-way valve. That means when we brake with rear brake, the front using one cylinder while the rear using two so that it make the effect of 33% front braking and 67% rear braking.

5 The parts of front fork and rear shock absorber are from the same manufacturer with Honda.

6 485 Communication system.

7 The light will keep shining on your way home by delay 15s to turn off after stopping. Just like the function of some cars.

8 Smart starting function equipped with world advanced intelligent electric door lock. We can open the electric door lock by using the button on the smart key within one meter away the model. If the smart key is far away from the model, the electric door locked automatic. And the model will start alarm system meanwhile locked only when we using the security key on the smart key.

9 T500 has Double-Gears:Economic and Sport Gear. We can change the current limit value and speed of them by computer.

Wuxi Shenyun Technology Development Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in two wheeled electric vehicles, production and sales of electric mopeds, electric motorcycles, electric scooters ,electric delivery bikes and their accessories.


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