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High Quality Cheap Price Electric Bike For Adults

  • Model No. 
  • Dimension (L*W*H) mm
  • Motor 
18'' 500W Brushless DC motor
  • Battery 
48V12AH Lead-acid or Lithium battery 
  • Charging time
  • Brake front / rear 
  • Tyres 
18'' *2.5 vacuum
  • Max speed 
  • Mileage/Range
  • Weight
54KG(without battery)
  • Package dimension
  • Container loading quantities 
168pcs for one 40"H container
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  • SY-LXQS2

  • SYEV

  • 8711600010

Product Specifications:

Model No. 


Dimension (L*W*H) mm



18"500W Brushless DC motor


48V12AH Lead acid/Lithium battery

Charging time


Brake front / rear 

Disc / Drum


18"×2. 5 vacuum

Max speed 





65KG(with battery)

package dimension


Container loading quantities 

168pcs for one 40"H container 

Details Information:

Electric scooter

  • Bright headlight

  • Front LED headlights with 17buls,High brightness and long range

Electric scooter

  • Double shock absorption

  • Front and rear hydraulic spring shock absorption,easily adapt to various complex

  • Road conditions,ignore bumps and enjoy comfort

Electric scooter

  • 500w brushless DC motor

  • 35km/h max speed,3 second accelerate,waterproof grade IP54

More Information:

Introducing our innovation in eco-friendly transportation - the electric bike. Designed with utmost precision, this electric bike is the perfect solution for your daily commute or leisurely rides. 

Powered by a robust 500W brushless DC motor, this bike ensures a smooth and efficient ride, allowing you to effortlessly conquer any terrain. 

We understand the importance of convenience, which is why our electric bike features a portable battery. This allows you to easily charge the bike wherever you go, ensuring you never run out of power during your adventures. With a quick and hassle-free charging process, you can spend more time enjoying the ride and less time worrying about battery life.

In addition to its exceptional performance and convenience, our electric bike boasts a patent design that sets it apart from the rest. Combining style and functionality, this bike is a true reflection of our commitment to delivering top-quality products that stand out in the market.

Experience the future of transportation with our electric bike. Invest in a greener and more sustainable way of commuting while enjoying the perks of a powerful 500W brushless DC motor, a portable battery, and a unique patent design. Ride with confidence and make a statement with our professional-grade electric bike.

This model is the second generation of our electric bike.It is our our patent design e-bike.Here are some selling point you can’t miss.This model has pedal assistance,it makes you saving strength and having a very comfortable driving.It can equip with 48V12AH/48V20AH lithum or lead-acid battery ,and the battery is portable.500W brushless DC motor makes your driving safe and manoeuvrable.18” tyre with front disk and rear drum brake,practical and affordable .The front basket is with safety buckle,convenient for you to put your personal stuff in.This e-bike is very suitable for students and office workers to drive.Highly recommend to you.

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