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Development trend of Electric Delivery Bike technology

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Development trend of Electric Delivery Bike technology

The mandatory implementation of the Electric Delivery Bike Safety Technical Code has brought opportunities and challenges to the Electric Delivery Bike industry; this standard has regulated the quality of Electric Delivery Bike products, standardized the Electric Delivery Bike sales market, and protected the rights and interests of consumers to a greater extent. This standard has standardized the quality of Electric Delivery Bike products and regulated the Electric Delivery Bike sales market, and also protected the rights and interests of consumers to a greater extent; it has provided the direction for the industry to produce Electric Delivery Bike products with higher quality.

Here is the content:

l Battery Technology

l Charging technology

l New Material Technology

l Motor technology

l Accessories Technology

l Automation Technology

Battery Technology

The traditional lead-acid battery has become the fatal weakness of electric bicycles because of the possible secondary pollution, its weight, slow charging speed, and short service life. At present, the application technology of NiMH batteries in China has gradually matured, and once the safety issue of lithium batteries is solved, they can also be popularized. Leading Electric Delivery Bike manufacturers should increase research on new energy sources, reduce the cost of new batteries, and give electric bikes a stronger "life source". 

Charging Technology

Strengthen the research on charging technology to significantly improve the charging efficiency and extend the battery usage time. According to the relevant expert research, 80% of the damaged batteries in the market now are badly charged by poor-quality chargers. In recent years, high-tech companies in China have begun research in this area, changing conventional charging to variable pulse and digital control technology, effectively controlling the water loss of the battery in the charging process, ensuring the balance of charging, and improving the service life of the battery.

New Material Technology

High-tech composite materials and high-strength light alloy materials will be increasingly used in the manufacture of Electric Delivery Bike. In addition to the successful use of aluminum alloys, lightweight, high-strength materials such as titanium alloy and chromium-molybdenum steel, as well as carbon fiber and other polymer composites, are used. We have increased the strength of electric bikes and reduced the weight of Electric Delivery Bikes. This has revolutionized the performance and manufacturing process of the bicycle.

Motor Technology

Strengthen the research of Electric Delivery Bike motors, develop energy-efficient motors with new energy sources, and develop high-efficiency compensating motors to further improve the energy efficiency of electric bicycles.

Accessory Technology

Accelerate the application of new international technologies and materials, and adopt nano-materials in the production of tires, batteries, and accessories to make the Electric Delivery Bike lighter, faster and farther.

Automation Technology

We will continue to improve the degree of automation and production technology by applying computer and microelectronics technology more widely in the design, mold processing, and production process of the Electric Delivery Bike.

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