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Electric Delivery Bike Saddle Analysis

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Electric Delivery Bike Saddle Analysis

Rider comfort is directly affected by the saddle design. According to statistics, most people feel slight hip pain when riding the Electric Delivery Bike for long periods. The main reason for this is that when sitting down, the hips are the main weight-bearing part of the body, and this is the part of the body that can take the most pressure and is less likely to become fatigued. The important point is that the saddle is not necessarily designed to serve comfort. Comfort is sometimes inversely proportional to health, so the design should take into account the gender of the Electric Delivery Bike model and the user, as well as the user's habits.

Here is the content:

Width, length, and height of the saddle

Saddle angle and front-back position

Width, length, and height of the saddle

The width of the rear end of the saddle should be determined by the human body's sciatic tuberosity spacing, with an appropriate margin. The distance between the sciatic tuberosity of women is about 23cm and that of men is about 20cm, so the design of the saddle should be 24~29. The design of the front part of the Electric Delivery Bike saddle should not be too wide considering the physiological structure, generally, 6 cm is appropriate. The total length of the saddle should not be too long, it will affect the flexibility of riding, so unlike the conventional seat, the total length of the saddle only needs to give the rider stable support. The distance between the rear end of the saddle and the front section is roughly between 22cm and 24cm. The height of the saddle is determined mainly by the length of the rider's lower limbs. When sitting down, the legs bend naturally and the angle between the thighs and calves makes the legs relaxed and stretched. If the saddle is too low, the legs will be bent severely and easily fatigued. If the saddle is too high, the legs will be stretched too much and the toes of the feet will be stretched too much, making it easier to fatigue.

Saddle angle and front-back position

The most common riding posture of the Electric Delivery Bike as a recreational tool is the adult woman's riding posture, which is a slightly leaning forward riding posture. In this casual riding posture, the rider's upper body is slightly tilted forward by 30° during the ride. The natural curvature of the spine turns into kyphosis as a result of the slightly forward riding posture, and maintaining a forward posture for a long time is likely to cause back discomfort. The arms are in a straight position at this point, and they not only need to control the direction and speed of the ride, but also have to share some of the weight pressure from the tilt, which accelerates the pain in the arm and shoulder joints. To prevent the rider from sliding down, the saddle of the Electric Delivery Bike is usually a little high in the front and a little low in the back, but this design makes the rider feel uncomfortable and affects the rider's health and field of vision. In ergonomics, a person's color discrimination range in the vertical plane is between 30° and 40° of the line of sight, with the natural line of sight slightly below the standard line of sight by 10° when standing and about 15° below the standard line of sight when sitting. For the rider to have a good view while riding, the rider's head should be tilted back about 20°~30°. Therefore, an adjustable saddle can be designed with a range of adjustability to improve hip and arm discomfort, and the rider can adjust the angle as needed. To minimize resistance and power loss, the saddle can be moved backward.

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