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Electric Bicycle technology development and purchase of common sense

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Electric Bicycle technology development and purchase of common sense

Electric Bicycle has an early history of development and is developing at a fast pace. Due to the lack of oil and environmental pollution in recent years, as well as the promotion of green travel, the potential, and space for the development of Electric Bicycles are increasing. There are many different models and types of Electric Bicycle, and the Electric Bicycle is designed for different age groups, so the number of potential consumers is also large. Let's take a look at the technical development of Electric Bicycle and the general knowledge of purchasing.

Here is the content:

Technology Development

Common sense shopping

Technology development

1, China Electric Bicycle in torque sensor technology and the application of integrated circuit controller technology has been in the world's leading position, strong enterprises have integrated electronic and digital technology in the controller, motor valve control, charging control and other components, intelligent Electric Bicycle will be the high point of future development.

2. The application technology of NiMH batteries in China has gradually matured, and once the safety issue of lithium batteries is solved, they can also be popularized. Leading Electric Bicycle manufacturers should increase research on new energy sources, reduce the cost of new batteries, and give Electric Bicycles a stronger "source of life".

3. Strengthen the research on charging technology, significantly improve the charging efficiency, and extend the use of battery time. According to the relevant expert research, 80% of the damaged batteries in the market are badly charged by poor-quality chargers. China has high-tech companies to start research in this area, the conventional charging to variable pulse and digital control technology, effective control of the battery in the charging process of water loss, to ensure the balance of charging, to improve the service life of Electric Bicycle battery.

4. High-tech composite materials and high-strength light alloy materials will be applied to the manufacture of Electric Bicycle more often. In the successful application of aluminum alloy materials, the use of titanium alloy, chromium-molybdenum steel, and another lightweight, high-strength materials, and carbon fiber and other polymer composite materials. Increase the strength of the Electric Bicycle and reduce its weight of the Electric Bicycle. The performance and manufacturing process of Electric Bicycle will be revolutionized.

5. Strengthen the research of Electric Bicycle motor, develop the application of new energy efficient motor, high-efficiency compensation motor, and further improve the energy use efficiency of Electric Bicycle.

6. Accelerate the application of new international technologies and materials, and adopt nano-materials in the production of tires, batteries, and accessories to make Electric Bicycle lighter, faster, and travel farther.

7、Wider application of computer and microelectronics technology in the design of Electric Bicycle products, mold processing, and production process, and constantly improve the degree of production automation and improve production technology.

8、Electric Bicycle manufacturers and national research institutes and colleges and universities will cooperate to systematically improve the technological content of products, form technologies, and products with independent intellectual property rights, and continue to maintain a leading position in the world of Electric Bicycle technology.

Common sense shopping

1. Choose the brand. Pay attention to choosing the Electric Bicycle brand with a high reputation, the quality and after-sales service are guaranteed.

2. Pick a model. Different models, their safety and performance vary greatly. It is recommended to buy a simple, lightweight Electric Bicycle.

3. Look at the appearance. Pay attention to the Electric Bicycle surface finish, and gloss, and pay attention to the quality of welding, paint, and plating.

4. Find the feeling. Test ride, feel the Electric Bicycle start, acceleration, driving is smooth, the vehicle is comfortable to operate, check the brake tightness, handlebar flexibility, wheel mobility.

5、Check the procedures. Check the production license, manual, and certificate of conformity is valid and complete, check whether the accessories are complete. Pay special attention to whether the model is locally approved for licensing.

Electric Bicycle related important parts, such as batteries, motors, chargers, controllers, tires, turning brakes, etc. whether the brand products and the best choice of motor brushless.

The above is about the technical development of Electric Bicycle and the purchase of common sense, if you are interested in Electric Bicycle, you can contact us, our website is https://www.shenyunscooters.com/.

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