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Market demand for Electric Scooter and their development

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Market demand for Electric Scooter and their development

At present, due to rapid economic development, the Electric Scooter market has not yet formed a full scale, consumers have a greater demand for portable Electric scooters. Let's take a look at the market demand and development of Electric scooters.

Here is the content list:

Market demand for scooters in China

Electric Scooter Market Development Analysis

Market demand for scooters in China

With the rapid growth in the number of family cars, traffic pressure has increased, resulting in the government's single and double number restrictions on family car travel. Electric Scooter is conducive to consumer travel, because the motorcycle is more flexible, fast, and difficult to manage, resulting in government restrictions on motorcycle measures, Electric Scooter then stands out. Electric Scooter has the advantages of lightness, maneuverability, low travel costs, etc. It is quickly integrated into people's daily lives and gradually becomes a more ideal short-distance transportation tool in the daily lives of consumers, especially young consumers.

Electric Scooter Market Development Analysis

In the first stage (1996-1999), the Electric Scooter market was just in its infancy, resulting in low market competition, immature process quality, and brand recognition, resulting in high-profit margins for single vehicles.

In the second stage (2000-2006), the technology gradually matured, leading to a low entry barrier, increasing the number of followers, the number of brands surged, competition became fierce, and the price war became more and more intense.

In the third stage (2006-2017) technology optimization and upgrading, the development of excellent brands at a high rate of prosperity led to an increase in market competitiveness so that small-scale car dealers with low competitiveness gradually withdrew from the market.

With the development of the economy in recent years, the rapid growth of the number of family cars in many large cities has brought great pressure on traffic, to alleviate the status quo to adopt travel restrictions on family cars. Another prevalent mode of transportation in the city, motorcycles also have a large market, but because of their high flexibility, speed, and other characteristics prone to unsafe accidents, many cities have also recently taken measures to limit motorcycle travel. In contrast, with the rapid development of urban transportation network, people's life radius for travel is also expanding, Electric Scooters have considerable advantages, because of their ease of manipulation, low cost, light, and fast and other advantages that make them become the ideal means of travel life of ordinary people.

From the use of the goal, the market currently existing Electric Scooter is to achieve the "last mile" vision, the domestic Electric Scooter creation is at the low end of the industrial chain, and most of the products lack independent property rights design flaws. The current domestic scooter is mostly an imitation of the market leading products, in imitation of the same time to join its new technology and technology, but from the long-term development, we must use design innovation for the scooter industry to find a breakthrough. Students, chauffeurs, commuters, and other such large consumer groups can drive the continued development and growth of the entire industry. In addition, the government also advocates green travel, so consumers spend more and more financial resources, energy, and time on transportation. As people, especially young people demand travel diversification is getting higher and higher, the potential of the Electric Scooter market is further explored, but the design concept of foreign brands is still far ahead of domestic brands, in terms of color selection, coloring process, quality of materials and other aspects are not as carefully selected as foreign brands, from the long-term development of the industry, the continuous improvement of product design, the continuous pursuit of quality is in recent years designers Electric Scooter is a product that will not be eliminated by society.

The above is about the market demand and development of Electric Scooter, if you are interested in Electric Scooter, you can contact us, our website is https://www.shenyunscooters.com/.

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