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Electric Bicycle's battery purchase knowledge

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Electric Bicycle's battery purchase knowledge

Electric Bicycle combines the driving function of electric and the driving function of bicycle, which satisfies people's demand for fast, light, and environmental protection, and will have great space for development in improving people's travel mode and protecting the environment. So what is the knowledge of battery purchase for Electric Bicycle?

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In the Electric Bicycle market, the most common type of battery is the lead-acid maintenance-free battery, there is an AGM-type battery with glass fiber separator adsorption technology and GEL type gel battery with gel electrolyte technology.


1. Electric Bicycle AGM type battery is filled with dilute sulfuric acid, which is absorbed in the ultra-fine glass fiber separator and the electrode plate, and there is almost no flowing electric fluid. Most of the Electric Bicycle batteries sold in the market are AGM-type batteries.

2. Electric Bicycle GEL type gel battery is no free electrolyte after gelation, so the chance of acid leakage is much smaller than the previous type of battery; its filling volume is 10-15% more than dilute sulfuric acid, and the water loss is less, so the gel battery will not fail due to water loss; the filling of gel increases the strength of the spacer, protects the pole plate, makes up for the defect of the spacer shrinking in acid so that the assembly pressure is not It is one of the reasons to prolong the life of the battery; the colloid fills the gap between the separator and the pole plate, which reduces the internal resistance of the battery and improves the charge acceptance ability. Therefore, the over-discharge, recovery ability, and low-temperature charging and discharging performance of colloid batteries are superior to those of AGM batteries; the consistency of colloid batteries is much better than that of similar AGM batteries. The following four kinds of colloids have been mass-produced in China: vapor-phase colloid, silica-sol, miscible colloid, and organosilicon polymer colloid.

3. Electric Bicycle lithium-ion battery is a kind of secondary battery because it has many advantages such as high energy density, high current charging and discharging, no memory effect, low cost of raw materials, friendly to the environment, etc., so the sales volume has been increasing rapidly year by year after its introduction, and it will become the winner of the secondary battery in the future. Since its introduction in the 1990s, from button batteries in electronic products, cell phones, DC digital products in lithium batteries, also used in Electric Bicycle. But the cost of lithium-ion batteries accounts for one-third to one-half of the cost of an Electric Bicycle, much larger than the proportion of lead-acid batteries in the whole vehicle. And due to the high specific energy of lithium batteries and poor material stability, lithium batteries are prone to safety problems. With the development of mature technology, lithium-ion batteries will become the development trend of high-quality electric vehicles.

The working principle of lithium-ion battery is Electric Bicycle battery charging, the lithium in the positive material out, through the diaphragm into the negative graphite; battery discharge, lithium ions from the negative graphite out, through the diaphragm back to the positive material.

The above is about Electric Bicycle's battery purchase knowledge, if you are interested in Electric Bicycle, you can contact us, our website is https://www.shenyunscooters.com/.

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