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Problems and solutions related to Electric Bicycle

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Problems and solutions related to Electric Bicycle

Today, China has become the largest producer and consumer of Electric Bicycles in the world. According to the relevant data, there are more than one thousand manufacturers of Electric Bicycle in China, and about 70% of them are private enterprises, the economic scale of the whole industry chain reaches more than 100 billion yuan, employing about five million people, and there are more than 6,000 supporting enterprises and tens of thousands of distributors. So what are the problems and solutions for Electric Bicycle? Next, let's take a look together.

Here is the content:

Electric Bicycle has no electricity

The car has electricity but can not run

How to Repair an Electric Bicycle motor

Electric Bicycle has no power

(1) Check if the battery output wire is open solder

(2) Check if the fuse holder is good or bad

(3) Check whether the power lock is good or bad

The car has electricity but can not drive

(1) Check whether the Electric Bicycle battery output is normal. If the output is too low, it proves that the battery is bad and needs to be replaced.

(2) Pull out the brake line. If the Electric Bicycle rotates, it proves that the handle is bad and needs to be replaced or the maintenance table two and the tube measure the kill handle is open.

(3) Check the handle with a short wire to turn the positive and signal lines such as car rotation to prove that the handle is bad and urgent replacement or repair. Turn on the power to twist the handle with a universal table to measure the positive and signal line and the signal line has a positive 5V turn.

(4) Whether the controller is good or bad can be used to turn the line of the positive 5V short as the turn of the controller to turn that there is no problem the easiest way to smell the controller has no burnt smell there is proof that the controller is bad.

(5) Check if the Electric Bicycle motor is good or bad motor brush contact is not real also caused by a little not go.

Electric Bicycle motor how to repair?

(1) Brush motor with a universal meter to prove that the motor is good if not bad.

(2) Brushless motor eight lines are black, red, yellow, green, blue, big yellow, green, and blue with the red pen of the finished energy meter to measure the motor's black line with the black pen to measure the three small lines are blocked between 650-750 to prove that the motor is not a problem.

(3) Electric Bicycle brush motor general replacement of carbon brushes open before paying attention to the friction between the item changer and carbon brushes is not connected to the virtual such as if it is the case with sandpaper friction item changer and carbon brushes to maintain the same distance.

(3) Open the Electric Bicycle motor attention to the motor wire package do not rub the wire package so as not to cause damage to the wire package, do not use iron things sticky hit the magnets so as not to cause the rupture of the magnets.

(4) Electric Bicycle brushless motor replacement to pay attention to the Hall line connection, such as the first time it is best to get down a line with welding up one to avoid welding error welding first with 502 dips in the AB glue dip tight to avoid the phenomenon of non-strength.

(5) Change the magnet dip magnet attention to the spindle and the magnet on the side of the glue clear and clean, with the magnet and magnet suction should be put in the opposite direction of the glue and then sticky.

The above is related to the problems and solutions about Electric Bicycle, if you are interested in Electric Bicycle, you can contact us, our website is https://www.shenyunscooters.com/. We are looking forward to hearing from you and hope to work with you.

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